Pest Control Tip: Skunks

by Nate on July 20, 2011

No one likes interacting with a skunk. The very image of a black animal with a white stripe down the back invokes the memory of that infamous odor that seems to linger on forever. But what should you know about skunks? Pest control experts maintain that they aren’t actually as bad as most people think, but they can do some serious damage to your yard due to their digging. Here is some basic information on this smelly menace.

Skunks often live underneath the deck or porch of a home, sometimes in search of a safe place to give birth and raise their litter, typically in a burrowed out hole. These nocturnal creatures go out in search of food under the shield of darkness, foraging for plants or insects.

If you smell the odiferous stench of a skunk, it might be because it is communicating with another skunk. They not only use their spray as a way to deter predators, but also use it to mark territory, especially males during mating season. If you or your pet comes face-to-face with a skunk, more than likely the skunk will raise his tail and let you have it. However, the smell isn’t the only aspect that is punishing. If you or your pet is unlucky enough to get sprayed directly in the face, the liquid can cause momentary blindness.

There is another hazard to skunks. They also carry rabies. It is unlikely you will be bitten by a skunk, but this could be a serious threat to your pet. But you mostly only have to worry about being sprayed. If this does occur, do not go for the tomato juice. Pest control experts recommend using a combination of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid dish soap. Mix this concoction together and quickly shampoo repeatedly until the smell is gone.

Getting rid of skunks is fairly simple. Your local Michigan pest control company will be happy to come to your property and set traps. Setting a trap yourself might only result in you getting sprayed when you try to remove the trap. Pest control professionals often use a drape cloth to protect themselves.

Trap and removal are the only real effective options in keeping your property safe from a skunk. There are products that claim to repel skunks, but Michigan pest control specialists say these products are ineffective. If you have skunks in your area, try to block off areas where they can gain access underneath decks and porches.

Remember, for the most part, skunks are harmless. But they probably are not the ideal to have roaming around your property. If you suspect a skunk is living too close to your quarters, contact your local Michigan pest control company and have them safely remove the animal.

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