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Perimeter Pest Control Michigan

Protect your home from insect invasion with a barrier treatment around your home’s perimeter. The best way to prevent indoor insect problems is to stop the bugs outside, before they enter the house. We will provide an insect shield around the outside of your home that controls such pests as ants, spiders, fleas, ticks, and many more, before they have a chance to enter.

Without ever setting foot in your home we will create a barrier surrounding your house to keep pesky insects where they belong…outside.

Michigan Pest Control
5 Seasonal Applications

We offer up to 5 treatments per year timed to keep your home insect free and comfortable for you and your family. The standard timing of the applications are spring, early summer, late summer, and early fall, however, treatments may be started at any time.

Pest Control Detroit Metro
Targeted Perimeter Areas

Each visit we will focus our attention on these common entry points and favorite hang outs:

Foundation, window wells and crawl space vents, ground covers and mulch beds, under decks and any doorway thresholds. We also spray a 6 foot barrier around the entire foundation of the home.

Pest Control in Michigan
Landscape Bed Control

Keep your landscape beds from being infested by pests that cause unsightly wilting and decay of plants and shrubs. Our treatments are gentle on vegetation and safe for children and pets once the application has dried. Call us today for effective pest control solutions.

Pest Control MI
Flea, Tick and Ant Control

Fleas can be not only an annoyance to your pets but also a nightmare for your interior living space once infested. Protect your family from harmful ticks and armies of ants for an enjoyable outdoor season by calling 1-800-TOP-LAWN (867-5296).

Detroit Pest Control
Deer Control

If Michigan’s overpopulation of deer have taken a toll on your rosebushes, gardens or plots, our repellant applications are just what you need this season. Our application formula is gentle on plants while effectively repelling deer by producing a bitter taste. A detection agent within the formula alerts deer early on that your plants have been treated causing and thus minimizing damage. Call us today for a free consultation!

Pest Control Detroit MI
Service Area

Quality pest control by Top Lawn offered to: Commerce, Walled Lake, White Lake, Waterford, Novi, West Bloomfield, Bloomfield Hills, Farmington, Farmington Hills, South Lyon, Wixom, Highland, Northville, Milford, Birmingham, Franklin, Southfield, Brighton, Livonia, Plymouth, New Hudson, Canton and surrounding Metro Detroit, Michigan communities.

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