Mosquito Michigan pest control

by Nate on May 11, 2011

Summer is usually a time filled with swimming, backyard barbeques and sunbathing. Unfortunately it is also a time filled with calamine lotion and itchy mosquito bites.

If mosquitoes often gain access to your home, the most effective Michigan pest control is making sure all entrances are sealed. Mosquitoes are opportunistic insects and will take advantage of open doors and windows. Pest control experts also recommend pointing a fan in the direction of possible entrance points as mosquitoes are not strong fliers and cannot fly against the wind.

For outdoor mosquito Michigan pest control, standing water is the main hangout. Do whatever you can to get rid of any standing water and cover pools and hot tubs. You can also buy mosquito dunks. Mosquito dunks are small round objects that can be placed in any type of water where it will release bacteria that are fatal for mosquitoes. The good news is this bacterium is not harmful to pets, children or other wildlife.

Pest control experts also recommend planting marigolds, sage and rosemary in your yard, as mosquitoes do not like the smell of these plants. The benefit of this tactic is that your Michigan pest control also offers visual aesthetics.

Take steps this summer to keep mosquitoes at bay so you can keep the calamine lotion in the cabinet and your skin bite-free!

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