Pest Control Tip: Deer-Resistant Evergreens

by on September 28, 2011

Anyone who wants a beautiful, successful landscape knows that pest control is an important aspect in maintaining and promoting optimal health. You’ve utilized the best pesticides to protect your plants from destructive bugs and other pest control options to eliminate nuisance pests such as rabbits, moles and voles. But no matter how much time and energy you put into producing a flawless landscape, it seems the deer are always getting the best of you and helping themselves to your hard work. The trick may be to find the right plants that will prove to be an unsatisfying meal. Here are some evergreen plants that pest control specialists say work wonders against deer invasions.

Blue Rug Juniper Plants

Blue rug juniper plants are a favorite among homeowners for several reasons, one being their ability to deter deer. This beautiful silvery-blue foliage provides a distinctive look on one’s landscape, in addition to being maintenance-free. Pest control technicians recommend surrounding your garden plants with blue rug juniper plants to essentially build a groundcover fortress that is guaranteed to keep deer at bay.

English Boxwood Shrubs

These distinctive shrubs are excellent for lining garden pathways or even providing a lined barrier around your plants that deer tend to nosh on and thereby destroy. Like the groundcover mentioned above, boxwood shrubs require dry soil and do best in an area with partial shade, although they can exist in areas with a greater amount of sunlight exposure. Pest control specialists say the tightly compacted light-green leaves of the boxwood shrubs are not a favorite among deer and will survive any late-night inquiries as to what’s on the garden menu. By surrounding your landscape with English boxwood shrubs, you can give your garden plants a better chance of survival.

Blue Star Juniper

Blue star junipers are another way to delicately and inconspicuously repel deer from your landscape. Pest control agents say these needled evergreens are not coveted by deer and if grown on the outer edges of your landscape, should be an adequate deterrent.

For more information on these and other plants that are known to repel deer, call your local pest control company.

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