Pest control for carpet beetles

by on October 11, 2011

Carpet beetles are typically an outdoor Noiv pest, but if they gain access to your home, they are often found living in areas where fabric is prevalent, such as carpet and furniture. Their presence is often easy to detect, as the larvae that are laid in the fabric will create holes. Pest control experts say they can also be found in leather and food products. Eliminating the food source of carpet beetle larvae is important in getting rid of these Noiv pests.

Another way you can tell if carpet beetles are a problem within your home is if the adults are gathered near doors or windows. As previously stated, these are outdoor insects, so once they have laid their eggs they will want to get outside again. Inspect clothing, bedding, furniture and carpet for holes. Pest control professionals say preventing them from invading your home is difficult, but once they are inside, they are easy to manage by stepping up your cleaning routine.

Make sure you vacuum often and include furniture in your vacuuming. Do not leave piles of clothing around and wash bedding, curtains and rugs often. Pest control companies can spray your home, especially around furniture and floor boards to keep these insects from becoming a problem.

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